Theodora Series

The word Theodora derives from the Greek words, which means “the gift from god”.  Just like the teardrop pearl, it is the gift from the nature. From the freshwater mollusk, there would be a variety of pearls of different shapes. It can be the shape of round, rice, button or any pearls with an identical shape are not artificially cultivated; while they are super rare because they are all naturally formed. By hand-selecting from the other shape, we creating this set of jewelries.

Our Theodora jewelry collection features pearl jewelry that are not perfectly round; instead, these handcrafted pearl jewelry features pearls in their natural state, which are beautiful and divine. Pearls hold special meaning to many cultures throughout history. When you give pearl jewelry, such as pearl stud earrings, they can represent purity, loyalty, and innocence, as well as wisdom and love. Pearls convey warmth, depth, and a consideration for nature. Consider giving yourself or a loved one the gift of pearl jewelry, such as a pearl necklace and earring set, today!