What is Baroque Pearl ?

Baroque pearls refer to all kinds of irregularly shaped pearls. Baroque pearls are exceptionally different because of its “irregular” shape, which sometimes is breaking through people's understanding of traditional pearls as round beads.

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By being famous by its irregularity, this kind of pearls have become good design materials for various artists. Although Baroque pearls sometimes are weird in shape, designers can use this to create unique and artistic works, thus reflecting the vitality of Baroque pearls. Baroque pearls can also be worn as necklaces and bracelets, or even made into accessories and decorations. The value of baroque pearls lies in the shape and design of the luster and flaws.

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Good Baroque pearls are also quite valuable because every pearl is non-duplicated. Baroque pearls are a kind of pearl that with extraordinary "temperament". Its unmodified shape makes it look like a creature in the ocean, revealing natural charm. Different from the round and smooth surface of the pearl, the "rugged" shape of the baroque style pearl and the unique color it emits can satisfy people's pursuit of purity in nature.