Theodora Collection

The word Theodora derives from the Greek words, Which means “the gift from God”.  Mother Nature made these randomly shaped baroque pearls for letting us discover the magic. We strive for you to be you. Just like the teardrop pearl, it is a gift from nature. From the freshwater mollusk, there would be a variety of pearls of different shapes. It can be the shape of round, rice, button, or any pearls with an identical shape that are not artificially cultivated; while they are super rare because they are all naturally formed. By hand-selecting from the other shape, we creating this set of pieces of jewelry.

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Baroque Pearls

Meet you is also the gift from God.

Baroque Pearls

What type of pearl do we used in this collection?

For the necklace, we will use 10mm+ pearls and we use 7-8mm pearls for the earrings. Teardrop pearls larger than 10mm are very rare.They are famous for their naturally formed shape which is round and smooth on one end and the other end is slighting going sharp, just like the representation of a real teardrop.