Mix&Match Collection

How it Work:

The Mix&Match Secret Formula:

Base Ingredients: JadeMoon Mix&Match jewelry accessories.

Toppings: Any JadeMoon pendants/ Stud Earrings/ your own pendants

Instruction: Mix the toppings with your desired base ingredient to make your identical jewelry, by just simply attach the pendant to the accessories. Easy and quick.

By mix & match your own desirable style through a simple and fun process, make your own identity shine with the self-made piece.

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Mother Nature has given us so much but never ever asked for any paybacks. It is always crucial for us to protect the scarce natural resources. Sustainability and multifunction are the core concepts of our Mix&Match series aiming at reducing the waste of resources. Respect and utilize what we already have can be an easy start. We hope you can wear our jewelry everyday rather than keep them in your jewelry box after you have them.

By providing specially designed accessories, we offer superb customization that allows you to mix and match our jewelry or even your own jewelry with unlimited possibilities. Compared to fixed pieces, this series is more flexible that the combo of your own choice can match your outfit with your mood. We hope to optimize the use of jewelry in a way to avoid the waste of resources.