Opéra de Paris Collection

The Opéra de Paris series is inspired by the style of Baroque architecture——Liberal and unconstrained appearance, palatial and deluxe decoration, vivid and impressive color with a large number of sculptural elements. Curved surface and elliptical space are commonly used to express free thought and create a mysterious atmosphere. 

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Opéra de Paris is well known as a notable ballet dance hall once. Imagine yourself as a ballet dancer performing under the lighting. Our pearl jewelry represents the dancers and the sunlight as stage lighting. After you are wearing our Opéra de Paris jewelry shining under the sunshine/light. All eyes will be on you.

Through this collection, JM wants to encourage people for seeking freedom and express themselves.  Round Baroque pearls are used in this collection with vintage french style. Give people a sense of connection between the modern and the past. 

What type of pearl do we used in this collection?

When we see the round baroque beads, the Baroque architecture emerges in front of us. In our Opéra de Paris series, we only pick and match the 10mm+ round baroque pearls with aurora luster. Round pearls usually give people a sense of maturity, so we chose baroque beads. Noticeable and chic, but never ordinary. The rounder and larger the pearl, the higher its value. It is also the same stander as a baroque pearl. Compared with freshwater pearls, Baroque round pearls have a better luster with a shimmering sheen. A high-quality pearl will shine brightly even in dim light.