Why Pearls Are The Perfect Luxury Item

Why Pearls Are The Perfect Luxury Item

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Pearls have long been a luxury item. They were given as gifts to the Royal families in China in 2300 BC. Romans saw them as symbols of luxury as well. In fact, Julius Caesar limited the wearing of pearls to the ruling classes, thereby preserving their immense status in the eyes of everyone. They have been found in royal tombs throughout history, and today they continue to be revered for their beauty.

Jade Moon Co is an online jewelry store that specializes in pearl necklace and earring sets, matching jewelry sets, freshwater pearl sets, and so much more. Handcrafted and handpicked, our pearls are the ultimate in luxury items. Below, you'll see why pearls are the perfect luxury item. Shop with us today!


 jade moon co offers classy and sophisticated pearl jewelry collections

Classy & Sophisticated

There's no doubt that pearls are classy and sophisticated. They are timeless, and due to their beautiful white opaque color, they can be paired with any gemstones. They go with any style of dress you choose, and they add a sense of poise to your wardrobe.


 jade moon co offers perfectly matched pearl necklaces and earring sets

Perfectly Matched Necklaces & Earrings

It's very easy to match your necklace to your earrings with pearls. While every pearl is different, including the freshwater pearls we use here at Jade Moon Co, they have a very similar color pattern and look. Plus, they come in different sizes and arrangements to add a custom look to your wardrobe.


jade moon co offers pearl jewelry collections  in a variety of colors

Variety Of Colors

Both saltwater and freshwater pearls come in many colors. The different colors are attributed to the different mollusks that make the pearls. The pearl color can also be affected by what's in the water, disease, or any nearby nutrients. Regardless, you have a choice in pearl color from purple and black to pink and green to match your tastes perfectly.


jade moon co offers freshwater pearl sets to enhance every occasion and holiday

Enhance Every Occasion & Holiday

Pearls are timeless and classic, which is why they continue to be very popular from those in Hollywood to everyday folk. They look good with any outfit, so you can wear them on every occasion, from your wedding day to your company's holiday party, and look smashing. Plus, there are different pearl arrangements to mix it up as well.

If you are looking for a classy and sophisticated look to go with every occasion in many colors and many arrangements, shop the pearl collections at Jade Moon Co today.

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