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Jewelry has been worn for millennia as an adornment.  They were a status symbol, telling everyone instantly if you were of royalty or high born. While jewelry today has transcended this for the most part, it still can convey beauty, poise, and style with one glance.

Jade Moon Co is a high-end jewelry store offering the best in handcrafted and sustainable jewelry, including pearl jewelry.  We hand select our gemstones and incorporate unique designs to bring you the best pearl jewelry earrings, necklaces, broaches, and more. Below, we'll take a look at some of our pearl jewelry collections. Shop with us online today!

Theodora Luxury Pearl Stud Earrings from Jade Moon Co

Pearl Stud Earrings

Many people love the simplicity and ease of pearl stud jewelry. They are just enough to be noticable and to complement your outfit, but they are small enough to not detract from your wear either. Our Theodora Luxury Pearl Stud Earrings are teardrop-shaped and handcrafted from natural freshwater pearls. Order today!

Jade Moon Co's Eye of Providence Baroque Pearl Necklace

Beaded Necklaces

Perhaps there is nothing as classic as a beaded pearl necklace, and Jade Moon Co offers the highest-quality pearl necklaces around. Since all of our pearl necklaces are handcrafted and picked, it can take many days just to craft one necklace. Our Eye of Providence Baroque Pearl Necklace features 14k gold with pearls between 11 and 13mm. Order yours today!

Luna Necklace from Jade Moon Co

Pearl Charm Pendant Necklaces

Many love the pearl charm pendant necklaces that can be handcrafted into any shape and size. Our Luna Necklace is made from Mother of Pearl and is stunning in its perfect crescent shape. Whether you are shopping for yourself, for a gift for a bride, or any other special person or occasion in your life, consider this dainty pearl necklace today!

Mix and Match Pearl Hoop Earrings from Jade Moon Co

Hoop Earrings

Hoop pearl earrings are a beautiful way to showcase pearls. They hang from your ear easily, not too large or small, and complement any attire. Wear on a special occasion or everyday to the office for a classic look. Our Mix and Match Pearl Hoop Earrings offer amazing depth and style. Order today!

Pearls make the perfect gift in this wedding season as they never go out of style. Whether you are giving a gift to a bride or bridesmaids, or you are looking for the perfect pearl jewelry for your summer vacation, consider Jade Moon Co's best freshwater pearl sets today!

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