How Jade Moon's Pearls Make Luxury Accessible

Pearls have been a symbol of luxury almost since the dawn of civilizations. In fact, pearls are considered the oldest gem, and they have been worn by royalty for millenia.  These round gems created by oysters due to an irritation are exquisite in form, beautiful in look, and divine when worn.

Jade Moon Co is an independent pearl jewelry design studio that specializes in natural pearls with unique characteristics. Hand selected by our experienced jewelers, you are sure to receive the best pearl jewelry. Below, we'll take a look at some ways that Jade Moon's pearls make luxury accessible. Shop today!

 unique, customized pearl jewelry from Jade Moon Co

Unique, Customized Designs

Pearls in and of themselves are wondrous creations of nature — and they are unique. After all, it's an irritant that an oyster begins to coat with a substance called nacre. This substance creates the exquisite pearl. Jade Moon Co aims to preserve the unique characteristics of every pearl in our handcrafted pearl jewelry. Browse our selection, including our beaded necklaces, today!

handcrafted pearl jewelry by Jade Moon Co

Handmade With Care & Finesse

Our mission is to create handmade pearl jewelry that will not only look beautiful when adorned, but will also last a lifetime, possibly becoming heirlooms. Our expert jewelers have an eye for arrangement and craft each pearl strand,  beaded pearl necklace, or pearl hoops with care and finesse.

beautiful pearl jewelry collections from Jade Moon Co

 Gorgeous Jewelry Collections

Jade Moon Co offers the best pearl jewelry collections. Our online pearl jewelry store offers amazing pearl necklace sets, as well as pearl necklace and earring sets. You can find beaded pearl necklaces, charms and pendants, and pearl stud earrings, as well as pearl rings. Browse our vast selection of handcrafted pearl jewelry and discover something that speaks to your soul today!

small pearl earrings by Jade Moon Co

A Gift for the Ages

Giving pearls has been a time-honored tradition for centuries. From weddings to graduations and milestone events, pearl jewelry has been a way to mark the occasion. When considering a gift for your loved one, pearls offer a sophistication and timelessness, as well as luxury, that no other jewelry offers. Browse our pearl jewelry collections today!


When searching for freshwater pearl sets, pearl collar necklace, jewelry for young ladies, beaded pearl necklaces, or an engagement gift for a bride, consider Jade Moon Co. Our attention to detail and luxurious pearl selections are not to be missed. Shop with us today!