What kind of freshwater pearls are we used?

We use non-nucleated freshwater pearls with excellent luster on our designs. Many people have the misconception that freshwater pearls are not as good as seawater pearls. However, after years of technical improvement, the quality of freshwater pearls has also been highly improved. A good-quality freshwater pearl may even better than a seawater pearl. 

We will subvert your perception of freshwater pearls.

freshwater pearls

What is a non-nucleated freshwater pearl?

Non-nucleated freshwater pearl means that the whole pearl is composed of nacre. With thick nacre layer, non-nucleated freshwater pearls are more durable and less vulnerable to wear. The luster are usually enduring and they also need long cultivation time. Generally, a non-nucleated freshwater pearl needs to be cultivated for more than 3 years. To get a 10mm non-nucleated freshwater pearl,5 years cultivation time are required.

Basically, only 50 10 mm pearls can be selected out of 10,000 mussels. The ones that can be inlaid are one in a million. This is a freshwater pearl that you can collect for a lifetime.