Jewelry Care and Maintenance Tips

Beauty needs to be taken care of. Nothing can shine forever without proper maintenance. When you don't wear the jewelry, clean it with our Jewelry Polishing Clothing and store it in a box that stays away from the sunlight. That's the best you can do for it.

Metal Parts:

-All the accessories are 14K Gold plated/925 sterling silver

-All the ear studs/backing are made of sterling silver (S925) which can protect your piercings from allergies and infections.

925 sterling silver

It is fairly common that any gold-plated product could experience color fading. Three main factors contribute to the fading throughout time:

Quality of Craftsmanship, Body Environment and Daily Maintenance

-All of the JadeMoon products have applied special color-keeping technique to keep the color last as long as possible.

-Your body environment can affect the color fading as well—for example, people with more acidic sweat are more likely to affect their gold-plated jewelry's color duration. 

-Daily maintenance is the most crucial thing to keep in mind in order to make the color last longer. You should clean them once every few days, take them off during showers and not wear them every single day— giving them a little break is quite helpful.  We also include a piece of professional silver care cloth in our package, so you can wipe the silver part of the ear studs to prevent it from oxidizing blackening. 

Maintenance Tips for Pearl Jewelry

We promise you that every single pearl from JadeMoon is natural and lustrous. Pearls are durable and lead to a timeless style, however, they can lose their value due to inappropriate maintenance. Read on to learn how to care for your pearls.

1. Keep pearls away from hard metals. Pearl has a low hardness scaled from 2.5 to 4, which means it is very soft and can be easily scratched.

2.Keep pearls away from acidic substances, like lemons, vinegar, perspiration and perfume. The main chemical calcium carbonate in pearls can react with them causing damage to the pearl surface.